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Dizziness…is it BPPV?

Did you know the most common cause of dizziness is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo?  BPPV is caused by displacement of otoconia (“ear rocks/crystals” made from calcium carbonate) inside the inner ear.  Causes of BPPV include infection, head injury and degeneration with advance age.  The incidence increases with each decade of life.  We can help!  The success rate for a single treatment session is 78%.  Call now to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of what may be causing your dizzy symptoms.

How to be a rockstar at age 85:
Richard Smith, an 85 year old patient of ours, was able to get up on a slolam ski this summer!  What a cool dude!  He worked hard in Physical Therapy, regaining strength and balance and was able to complete his goals.  Richard is active and also does wakeboarding.  Impressive guy!



Amanda Thompson, PT