Welcome to PerformanceWest Physical Therapy


PerformanceWest Physical Therapy was founded in 1998 when Kim W. Reid and Curtis B. Jolley joined their physical therapy practices. The company has purposefully focused entryits’ growth on offering the public a diversity of specialty services.
Today, we have clinics in three locations with 8 physical therapists, and an abundance of supportive staff helping us provide the best care possible. Our main office location is in Bountiful, Utah, and our newest location is in Clearfield/Layton, Utah, allowing us to serve both North and South Davis County. We have a third location in the beautiful Ogden Valley in Eden, Utah.

We offer skilled physical therapy services and programs in:
★ Orthopedic and Sports
★ Women’s Health (pregnancy and post partum)
★ Pool/Aquatics
★ Balance/Vestibular Disturbance, Dizziness and Fall Prevention
★ Industrial/Work Related Injuries